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Caricabatteria 12V 1,5A - BS Battery BS15

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Marca:BS Battery
Prodotto:Caricabatteria 12V 1,5A
Tipo:Accessorio intercambiabile
Codice prodotto:BS15
Codice EAN:3564097005104
Disponibile (?)
Prezzo in offerta:€ 65,00 € 55,00
Spese spedizione (IT):Spedizione gratuita

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Caricabatteria 12V 1,5A

• The multi axis hook allows the BS15 to be hung everywhere
• It can rotate 360 degrees on its horizontal axis and 180 degrees on its vertical axis
• Solid build engineered to last for ages
• Designed to be practical and space saver

• Fully automatic : no risk of overcharge when the charger is connected
• Spark free and reverse polarity protection
• Ideal for seasonal battery maintenance

• High frequency switching mode
• Optimizes the charge duration
• Provides a fastest charge than conventional charger

• Smart chargers
• Battery recondition
• Can restore tired, deeply discharged or sulphated batteries
• Increase the battery life & performance

• Electrical plug with cable
• Long cables
• Reinforced power cords for heavy-duty conditions

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Specifiche tecniche

Tipo: caricatore intelligente ad 8 stadi
Tensione d'ingresso: 100-240 VAC
Corrente in uscita: 1.5A
Idoneo per la carica: Batteria 12V
Rejuvenation mode: Si
Equalization mode: Si
Battery range charging: 4-30Ah
Battery range maintaining: 4-60Ah
Dimensioni LxWxH: 179x71x32mm
Peso: 0.45Kg
Tipi di batterie: La maggior parte delle atterie incluso GEL, AGM, WET CELL and CALCIUM

Informazioni aggiornate in data 17/06/2020